RunFree Physical Therapy and Sports Performance understands the unique and varied needs of the running community, we are runners and this allows us to better relate to your issues. Each visit begins with a complete functional evaluation from head to toe, we will also do a footwear evaluation, and a video analysis of your running technique. Dr Mondello will use this to help determine how to make you a more efficient, pain free life-long runner. If you are a runner or thinking about becoming one contact us today.

Benefits of Running Analysis

  • Identify source of your pain on the first visit
  • Create a customized plan to facilitate fast healing
  • Video Analysis
  • Continue to train during your treatment
  • Fast relief with long lasting effects
  • Improved flexibility and form
  • Avoid lingering or long lasting injuries
  • See immediate results
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Learn to avoid future injuries