Tramadol is used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It may be habit-forming. It is similar to narcotic analgesics. It might have a negative impact on the child. It may increase your risk for having a seizure. It should not be used longer than justified from a therapeutic point of view. Tapering off tramadol is systematically reducing your day-to-day dosage on a planned-out time. Should you feel yourself becoming dependent, get in touch with your health care provider without delay. To stop withdrawal reactions, your physician may lower your dose gradually. Your physician will suggest that you avoid pulling the hair out and deliver you aftercare tips which include washing the skin with a gentle soap and water, avoiding exposure to the sun and tanning beds for no less than a week. If you go see a physician and get treatment, you're supposed to secure much better. The dosage could be increased by the physician, but shouldn't be increased by the individual. It should be adjusted according to the severity of the exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Safe dosage of tramadol varies depending on the patient and their needs. Tramadol is tremendously metabolized within the body. It is designed for oral use only, and the tablets should not be crushed for the purpose of inhalation or injection. Tapering off tramadol gives you the ability to slowly lessen the total amount of tramadol you take, thus reducing shock to your physique. It's also important not to suddenly quit taking tramadol, as stated by the NIH.

At RunFree Physical Therapy and Sports Performance our unique treatment approach is perfect for every rehab need. Whether you are an injured athlete, trying to avoid surgery, recovering from surgery or dealing with a new pain that seems to have started for no reason, we can help. Using a unique blend of functional movement assessments, functional dry needling, manual hands on techniques, combined with guided functional exercise, we will help you achieve all of your goals, and many you never thought were possible. Thanks to our one on one treatment approach, you will see results faster, and require fewer visits to make a full recovery. Saving you time and money.

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation and Functional Assessment

During this 60-90 minute one-on-one assessment, you will tell your story, discuss your injuries, set backs, goals and priorities.  With this information we will develop a specialized treatment plan to fit your needs

Physical Therapy Treatment Session

Following the initial evaluation

Treatment sessions can be scheduled as 30 minute or 60 minute sessions dependent on your needs and desires.


Minute: One-On-One Sessions