• Is pain limiting your workouts or stopping you short of your goals?
  • Are you interested in running, biking or competing in a race but having a hard time getting started or moving to the next level?
  • Or are you having difficulty taking care of loved ones, walking around the community or making it through the day at work or home?

Why Choose RunFree Physical Therapy

The runfreept Experience is ALL about YOU

Tired of not finding what you value most when choosing a healthcare or fitness provider?
Frustrated with not being heard? Tired of feeling like a number in the system?
Ready to be the most important person in your healthcare experience?
We exist to Serve YOU

Be Empowered: tell us your story and we will partner with you in finding the best possible services to fit your


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Challenge Status Quo

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RunFree Offers a Variety of Services to Fit Your Lifestyle