Why Get A Medical Bike Fit?

At RF we love bikes and hope you do too. Bicycling should be fun and but if you hurt every time you get on the bike be it after 10 minutes of casual riding or an hour of hammering it is no longer fun and adjustments need to be made. Have you ever had numb hands after riding? Do your knees, back or neck hurt? Is your saddle causing you numbness? These are all debilitating issues that can be resolved by proper bike fit.

Getting your bike fit is a critical step in helping you improve your bicycle experience and achieving your goals.

An appropriate bike fit takes your individual needs and goals into consideration, from racing to casual enjoyment. A good bike fit done by a Doctor of Physical Therapy starts with a thorough history we then do a musculo-skeletal functional assessment, and assessment of your current equipment, We combine all this information, and make proper equipment recommendations and adjustments along with offering thorough Physical Therapy corrective advice.

Getting a bike fit at RF is a unique experience in that we are able to offer both bike adjustments as well as Physical adjustments that are often times the actual cause of your discomfort.

What to Expect

Full PT examintation

Bike adjustments with equipment recomendations

PT functional recomendations



  • Initial Bike Fit