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What are people saying about RunFree?

“As a scientist and skeptic, it is refreshing to discuss the physiology of why I am experiencing pain, the research behind the suggested treatments, and how we can work together to move forward. The focus on fundamental stretching and strength training augmented with targeted dry-needling is really making a difference to what has been a long term problem caused by my own neglect! I can’t recommend RunFreept highly enough!”

Nigel"I can’t recommend RunFree highly enough!"

“Super thoughtful, personal service. Dr. Mondello takes the time to really understand the root of the problem and makes a personalized plan with you to fix it!”

Amanda"thoughtful, personal service"

“Great place to go for your PT and coaching needs! RunFree helped me reach my running goals and hit my BQ time”


Freeborn is great! He has been treating my 78 yr old mother who has had a variety of ailments. He is patient, knowledgeable, motivating, reliable, and responsive. And, most importantly, using various modes of treatment including even mental coaching he has helped her to feel better!